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CWL Secures Huge Investment Deal and Appoints Sumit Siddharth as Director

Cambridge based leading cyber security education firm, CW Labs (Cyber Warfare Labs) closed a significant seed funding deal with a UK-based angel investor and appointed Mr. Sumit Siddharth (Sid) as a new Director to the company.

Sid is a serial cyber entrepreneur and known for his expertise in the field of IT security.

Sid is CEO of a leading cyber consultancy and education firm The SecOps Group and is also a co-founder/investor in other cyber security companies such as PureID (a passwordless authentication solution) and RedHunt Labs (an Attack Surface Management solution). Sid has accumulated over 15 years of experience in the cyber industry. His passion for working with intelligent minds and his ability to bring cutting-edge technology to life is unparalleled.

CW Labs is known for its technically advanced cyber security courses especially in the space of cloud security (AWS, Azure, google and hybrid cloud environments). The courses cater to offensive (known as red teaming), defensive (known as blue teaming) and hybrid (known as purple teaming) techniques used within the cloud infrastructure’s security.

CW Labs was initiated as a Cyber War Research and Development Project by Manish Gupta and Yash Bharadwaj in June 2020, amidst the COVID-19 lockdown. Guided by their visionary founders, they have secured four cyber research grants and garnered numerous accolades from esteemed National and International Cyber Competitions. The dedicated team has also delivered highly technical cyber research presentations at prestigious International Conferences.

Driven by their profound vision, CW Labs has catered to over 4500+ candidates from 80+ countries, including professionals from Fortune 500 companies. “Our vision revolves around providing an advanced platform for Cyber Offensive and Defensive Research, along with a comprehensive learning environment to enhance competencies, ultimately enabling the tackling of advanced apex adversaries,” they expressed.

Commenting on the launch of their newly branded website and fresh look, Manish and Yash, the founders of CW Labs added, “This investment will propel us towards accelerated growth, allowing us to explore new opportunities and invest in our cutting-edge security R&D.”

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