Process Injection Analyst [CPIA]

  • Develop a mindset to perform process injection in MS Windows Environment
  • Analyse the events that are generated by different process injection techniques
  • Premium study materials including pdf, videos and codes
  • Help with developing custom tools
  • Practical experience in different process injection techniques used by Threat Actors

Understand Various Advance Process Techniques

Identify Telemetry Generated from Techniques

Event Analysis of Collected Footprints

Lower your Footprints during Post Exploitation Operations


Following are the requirements:

Target Audience

Designed for beginners and intermediate red teamers and blue teamers

Premium Version

Process Injection Analyst [CPIA


Top features

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Choose your journey and earn the Certified Attack & Detect Advance Process Injection Techniques Certification today


Do you provide technical support?

Yes, whether you are on community plan or premium subscription, our support team is there for you 🙂

Do you have refund policy?

Refunds for premium subscription will NOT be provided until and unless cleared by our sales team.

Have more questions?

Please email [email protected] for detailed clarification

How is the CPIA course delivered?

The course is delivered On-Demand, a combination of online lectures, practical hands-on exercises.

How long does the CPIA course take to complete?

The duration of the Certified Process Injection Analyst (CPIA) course may vary based on individual learning pace, but it typically takes around 1 month to complete.

What is the Delivery Mode of the exam for the CPIA course?

The Certified Process Injection Analyst (CPIA) course includes a MCQ exam to evaluate the student’s understanding and skills in process injection analysis with the passing criteria marks of 90%.

What are the career opportunities after completing the CPIA course?

After completing the course, individuals can explore career opportunities such as:
-Malware Analyst
-Digital Forensics
-Incident Responder
-Security Engineer

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