Category: Blue Team

  • Understand the complete working of Security Operation, Cyber threat hunting & Intel, Incident Response and Digital forensic
  • Analyses and investigates various Web, Network, Host based attacks by various defensive solutions
  • Get a clear picture about various Roles & Responsibilities of Cyber Defenders in IT enterprise
  • Co-relate and analyze various attacks using SIEM solutions
  • Detailed blue team local lab deployment instruction with multiple investigation playbook
  • Perform Threat Detection & Its Investigation over the suspected phishing, web-based, network-based, and host-centric attacks
  • Conduct an investigation utilizing numerous defensive solutions like incident response, network monitoring, SIEM, FIM etc.
  • Comprehend the entirety of the organization’s cyber-defense strategy and tactical approaches.
  • Practical familiarity with diverse investigative approaches and structured incident response mind map within organizational contexts.

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