Category: Evasion & Exploitation

  • Advanced Penetration Testing Certification
  • Offensive C# Trade-Craft & Windows API Abuse
  • Advanced Active Directory Attacks
  • Health Care Themed Cyber Range Lab
  • Beginner Friendly Practical mini-course
  • Hands-on Practical Exercises, Video and PDF Manual
  • Techniques to create FUD Credential Dumper
  • Scenarios aligned for Offensive Information Security Teams
  • Start your journey in Microsoft Windows Internals
  • Unveil common Win32/NT APIs used by the malwares
  • Understand malwares abusing internals from user-mode perspective
  • Perform various challenges/exercises to learn Windows Internals
  • Learn different kernel data structures (EPROCES, ETHREAD, KPCR etc.) through Windbg
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