Cyber Defence Analyst [CCDA]

  • Perform Threat Detection & Its Investigation over the suspected phishing, web-based, network-based, and host-centric attacks
  • Conduct an investigation utilizing numerous defensive solutions like incident response, network monitoring, SIEM, FIM etc.
  • Comprehend the entirety of the organization’s cyber-defense strategy and tactical approaches.
  • Practical familiarity with diverse investigative approaches and structured incident response mind map within organizational contexts.

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The courses contents are divided across 5 sections listed below:

Introduction to Cyber Defence

Phishing Threats Investigation and Analysis

Web-Based Intrusions: Investigative Strategies and Analysis

Unveiling Network Intrusions: Methods and Analytical Approaches

Decoding Host-Based Intrusions: Techniques and Analytical Methods


Following are the requirements:

Target Audience

Designed specifically for beginners having interest in jumping into cyber defense:

CWL Recommended


Cyber Defence Analyst [CCDA]


Top Features:

Choose your journey and earn the Certified Cyber Defence Analyst Certification today


What is included in the package?
  • 300+ Pages PPT
  • 5+ hrs HD Videos
  • 20+ Unique Simulated Investigative Challenges
  • Detailed investigation walkthrough
  • 5+ Blue Team Solution Integration
  • 2 Exam Attempts + Accredible Badge
Will the lab access start right away after purchase?

Lab access does not commence immediately. Users must navigate to the lab access menu within our Cybersecurity Playground Portal to request access.

Once the user initiates the lab, they cannot pause it. The 30-day lab access period will commence immediately.

Will I have the life-time access to CCDA course content?

Yes, After purchase you will get the life-time access.

Do we need to deploy our own local lab?

No, We have simulated a real world blue team infrastructure which is typically integrated with various defensive solutions such as SIEM, IR, IM, FIM, Network Monitoring, etc. 

Soon after the user requests the lab access, the user can access the infrastructure via VPN service.

Are there write-ups available for the challenges?

Users are provided with detailed, step-by-step instructions for investigating the challenges.

The write-ups can be found within our Cybersecurity Playground Portal after the purchase.

What is the duration of the lab access?

Users receive lab access for a period of 30 days.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, whether you are on community plan or premium subscription, our support team is there for you 🙂

Do you have refund policy?

Refunds for premium subscription will NOT be provided until and unless cleared by our sales team.

Have more questions?

Please email [email protected] for detailed clarification

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