Hybrid Multi-Cloud Red Team Specialist [CHMRTS]

  • Inventory Extraction and Attack Map Design for AWS, Azure, GCP & On-Premise
  • Exploit widely used Cloud Services e.g., O365, G-Suite and Azure AD etc
  • Lateral movement from on-premise to Cloud & vice-versa
  • Backdoor Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment for Stealth Persistence access
  • Abusing Mis-Configured Cloud Services for Privilege Escalation
  • Exfiltrate Sensitive Data from Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment
  • Bypassing Security Controls in Multi-Cloud Environment
  • Exploiting Multi-Cloud Environment using Open-Source Exploitation Tools / Framework

The training contents are divided across 4 sections listed below:

Attacking - AWS Environment

  • Enumerating & Designing Attack Surface of AWS Cloud Services
  • Exploit Lambda Function for Persistence & Privilege Escalation
  • Pivoting & Lateral Movement using AWS VPC Service
  • Post-Exploitation by abusing mis-configured AWS Services
  • Data Exfiltration from S3, RDS, STS & Secret Manager etc

Attacking - Azure Environment

  • Enumerating & Designing Attack Surface of Azure Cloud Services
  • Pivoting Azure Control Plane to the Date Plane
  • Stealth Persistence Access of Azure account by Service Principal
  • Privilege Escalation by abusing mis-configured RBAC
  • Mis-use Azure Authentication Methods [PHS, PTA, Federation].

Attacking - GCP Environment

  • Enumerating & Designing Attack Surface of GCP Services
  • Enumerating & Exploiting Google Kubernetes Services
  • Post-Exploitation by abusing mis-configured GCP Services
  • Privilege Escalation by exploiting mis-configured OAuth & IAM
  • Persistence Access by Temporary/ Permanent Access Token

Attacking - Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment

  • Lateral movement from one Cloud to another Cloud Platform
  • Enumerate & exploit widely used SaaS Services (O365, G-Suite)
  • Exploit Trusted Relationship for expanding the access
  • Pivoting from On-premise to Cloud environment & vice-versa
  • Use Manual/Open-Source Tools for Offensive Operations


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  • 500+ pages PDF
  • 12 Hrs+ Training Recorded Videos
  • 30 days Practise Lab Access + 1 Year technical support
  • 2 Exam Attempts
  • Verified Accredible badge
Do you provide technical support?

Yes, whether you are on community plan or premium subscription, our support team is there for you 🙂

How long does the CHMRTS course take to complete?

The duration of the CHMRTS course may vary based on individual learning pace, but on average, it takes around 1 month to complete.

Will I have the life-time access to CHMRTS course content?

Yes, After purchase you will get the life-time access.

Will the lab access start right away after purchase?

No, we only activate lab access upon request, once you are ready drop an email using your registered email to [email protected]

What are the career opportunities after completing the CHMRTS course?

Upon completing the CHMRTS course and obtaining the certification, you can pursue various career opportunities such a:

  • Cloud Security Engineer / Consultant / Associate
  • Cloud Red Team Specialist / Operator / Consultant

Red Team Lead, Red Team Analyst / Specialist

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