Our Customer Say It Best

Congratulations to the CyberWarFare Labs team for the excellent content, I recommend everyone to take this course, especially those who work with Red Team
About Certification:
1) Building OPSEC safe Red Team Infrastructure
2) Utilizing On-Premise & Cloud Resources for Infrastructure Deployment
3) Setup & Execute Phishing / Initial Access Operations
4) Understand & scale infrastructure as per red team requirements
5) Customizing Redirectors, Payload Server, Command & Control Server & other Red Team Resources
Joas A Santos
Sr Offensive Security Engineer, unico IDtech, Brazil.
Course: CRT-ID
Finished refreshing my memory on credentials on Windows systems by achieving the CRT-COI from CyberWarFare Labs after taking a test.
Christoph Jung
Founder and CEO, Endorsec, Germany.
Course: CRT-COI
Took some time on Monday to sit the practical Certified Red Team Analyst (hashtag#CRTA) exam from CyberWarFare Labs in which you need to compromise an enterprise environment with segregated networks. Just received my badge. On to the next certificate as I still have some planned for this year.
Christoph Jung
Founder & CEO, Endorsec, Germany.
Course: CRTA
This was an interesting exam from CyberWarFare Labs combining Linux and Windows Red Teaming tactics in one environment.
Andres Roldan
VP of Hacking, Fluid Attacks, Colombia.
Course: CRTA
As I have come to know CWF courses, I wasnt surprised that the course content is quite comprehensive and put together in an easy to follow format. I like the fact that you get details on how to build your own local lab environment, as well as get access to a lab environment to practise on. The exam was also good, with a majority of the course content covered there in.
Chris Meistre
Principal Offensive Security Engineer, Cyberlogic, South Africa.
Course: CRTA
I can highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to get into or progress further in cloud pen testing. I can definitely recommend not doing what I did, and just jumping in head first. Thanks for another awesome course CyberWarFare Labs!
Chris Meistre
Principal Offensive Security Engineer, Cyberlogic, South Africa.
Course: CHMRTS
Thank you CyberWarFare Labs - Manish Gupta & Yash Bharadwaj for presenting such comprehensive material, covering the Hybrid Multi Cloud #redteaming operations on three major cloud providers Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud (GCP) and
Azure - Microsoft's Cloud Computing Platform. I definitely look forward to attending your future bootcamps to expand my Offensive Multi Cloud Red Team hacking tradecraft
Arturs Stay
Principal Penetration Tester Consultant, Scotiabank, Canada.
Course: CHMRTS
Thank you team for your continuous support throughout this process. The lab experience was engaging, and the course content was comprehensive and well-structured. Overall a great Learning Experience.
Sree Varshini I
Cyber Security Analyst, TCS, India.
Course: CRTA
“C3SA is a hands-on course for Beginners in Information Security. It provides a practical view of Cyber Security Domains like Network & Web Application basics, Cloud Security, Security Operations, etc. The techniques covered in this course will help to become a competent cyber security candidate.”
Vikas Varshney
Deputy Manager (System) Cyber Security, State Bank of India, India.
Course: C3SA
kudos to the crew at Cyberwarfare Labs: it was an awesome experience which I will surely repeat with one of their more advanced options on red teaming. They also have other interesting options offered on their website and I recommend to check them out!
Network Fuzzing Engineer, AWS, Italy.
Course: CRTA
The Cyberwarfare team meticulously crafted the paths in the CRTS lab to closely simulate real-world scenarios. Each scenario presented in the course, akin to authentic red teaming exercises, was thoroughly engaging. Navigating through every path was enjoyable. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to enroll in another course offered by CWL Labs.
Vikas Varshney
Deputy Manager (System) Cyber Security, State Bank of India, India.
Course: CRTS
Just earned my C3SA Premium Edition certification from CyberWarFare Labs ! This intensive program covered a broad spectrum of crucial topics, including:
Web Application Basics & Exploitation,
Network Basics & Exploitation,
Hosts Basics & Exploitation,
Multi-Cloud Basics & Exploitation,
Security Operations Center (SOC).
🌐 Equipped with a new set of skills, I'm ready to take on the ever-evolving challenges in the realm of cybersecurity. 💻🔒
Hafiz Talha Munir
Associate Information Security Analyst, CureMD, Pakistan.
Course: C3SA
This course provide local technical lab with FOSS Implementation of Security Tools and some domains of:
1) Knowledge of Emerging Cyber Security Domains
2) Understanding of Web, Network & Cloud Security Domains
3) Identifying Attacks & Preparing Defenses for detection
4) Create Virtual Labs with practical scenario to practice locally
5) Understanding of Cyber Kill Chain in Windows & Linux
6) Attacking & Defending Servers / Workstations in Real-Time
7) Clarity in identifying Cyber Security Domains / Paths to become competent & market ready.
Muhammad Fajar Masputra
Information Security, Security Practitioner, Indonesia.
Course: C3SA
The exam covered a wide range of topics:
1. Introduction to cybersecurity
2. Cyber range lab setup
3. Web application basics & exploitation
4. Network basics & exploitation
5. Operating system basics & exploitation
6. Cloud basics & penetration testing
7. Security operation basics
Kareem Abdelbaset Al-Herbawi
Cybersecurity GRC Internship, Information Technology Institute (ITI), Egypt.
Course: C3SA
For those interested in hands on cybersecurity, check out CyberWarFare Labs Security Analyst course. It’s a FREE course on basic penetration testing and SOC operations. Follow the course and complete the labs, feel confident in what you’re learning to the point where you can give somebody else a walk through, and add those skills to your resume
Quinyon N.
Principal Security Consultan, Nave Security, United States.
Course: C3SA
It was a good review of the fundamentals required to work in security. What surprised me was the module covering the basics of multi-cloud pentesting, which included all three major cloud platforms. I really appreciated the inclusion of this topic and benefited greatly from the knowledge.
Saket Pandey
Claranet, India.
Course: C3SA
Extraordinary course!
Highly technical and with a clear focus on modern attack techniques in multi-cloud environments, to which thousands of organizations began to migrate to a greater extent since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, even today.
1. Commit this nuclear plant from the different cloud providers to the local environment (On-prem)
2. Compromise the same nuclear plant from the internal network and from there jump to the different cloud providers.

Thank you team CyberWarFare Labs
Luis FloresLuis Flores
Cloud Security Operations Leader, White Hat Consultores, Mexico.
Course: CHMRTS
As for realism, I felt that the enumeration and attacks I was doing, are what I would be doing on a normal red teaming engagement. So to me, this is one of the more realistic environments.

Thank you to CyberWarFare for providing me with access to this course, as well as an exam attempt.
Eduard Agavriloae
Principal Offensive Security Engineer, Cyberlogic, South Africa.
Course: CRTS
Cyberwarfare Labs did a great and amazing job with the course content. They explained very well things you need to know for the red team engagement assessment. Either, you’re interested in Red Teaming, Pentesting or Offensive information security, the course is a very good fit. I can say CRTA is a good certification if you wish to start a journey on red teaming or offensive security.
Mashoud Adé Shina YESSOUFOU
Cyber Security Instructor - Penetration Testing, MCA Academy, Benin.
Course: CRTA
Thanks to the entire cyberwarfare team. I followed very very didactic training. The course content is rich and covers everything one needs to get started with Microsoft Windows pentest and Active Directory. Lab training is very practical and allows you to fully understand the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) as an adversary in a laboratory or in a real environment.
Thione DIOUF
Cybersecurity Red Consultant, LMPS Group, Senegal.
Course: CRTA
Thanks CyberWarFare Labs It was interesting all the content, the support during the exam was very attentive to solve the doubts with the laboratory.
Aaron Paul P.
Cybersecurity Consultant, Telefónica Tech, Peru.
Course: CRTA
An excellent certification from CyberWarFare Labs for establishing a solid foundation in Red Team assessments in corporate environments stands out for the following points:
1. Methodologies for conducting a Red Team exercise are crucial, providing a structured and systematic approach for simulating attacks.
2. Perfect for assessing Pentesting skills in Active Directory environments.
3. The exam is both enjoyable and challenging, requiring the learning of new concepts and thinking outside the box.
4. The support is commendable, providing effective assistance in resolving doubts and addressing any issues.
Jhosep Noel Ticona Trujillo
Security Analist, YANAPTI, Bolivia.
Course: CRTA
A huge shoutout to Labs for their exceptional course material and challenging exam.

This certification signifies mastery in:
1. Red Team Methodologies
2. MITRE ATT&CK Red Team TTPs Understanding
3. dentifying & Manipulating the Weakest Links
4. Kerberos-Based Attacks in Fully Patched AD Environments
5. Bypassing Segregated Networks with Linux & Windows OS
6. Stealth Network Pivoting and Lateral Movement Techniques in Multi-OS Environments
7. Scaling Emerging Threats in Enterprise Networks

Grateful for the skills acquired—ready to tackle cybersecurity challenges head-on!
Daniel Goldstein
Penetration Tester, Hack The Box, Israel.
Course: CRTA
I am a new starter at Red teaming and the course content was good enough for me to understand almost everything without a doubt and also the exam was challenging as i recommend everyone to try this certification even if you have experince before this.Overall,that was a great pleasure,and recommend this course to everyone who wants to get into the challenging world of red teaming.
Faxraddin Alizada
Cyber Security Researcher, Confidential, Azerbaijan.
Course: CRTA
I thank you and it was a great experience for me. I am very pleased to be Certified Red Team Analyst !
Penetration Tester
MAYASEVEN CO., LTD., Thailand.
Course: CRTA
Red Team Analyst Certificate possesses the capability of the following demanding skills :
1) Knowledge of Red Team Methodologies
2) Understanding of MITRE ATT&CK Red Team TTPs
3) Identifying and Manipulating the weakest link in the chain of target
4) Extensive Recon in Internal & External Enterprise infrastructure
5) Bypassing segregated Networks with updated Linux & Windows OS
6) Stealth Network Pivoting and Lateral Movement Techniques in a multi-OS environment
7) Scaling emerging threats in enterprise networks
Thanks to CyberWarFare Labs for such an opportunity!
Fexri Elizade
Confidential, Cyber Security Researcher, Azerbaijan.
Course: CRTA
As the content was excellent, I really picked up new tactics and techniques for sure. Looking forward to that shiny badge.
Fabrice Kazadi
Course: CRTS
This quick course was an absolute gem, blending theory with hands-on experience. Can't wait to weave the insights gained into my Red Team endeavors.
Tales Milanez
Every Cybersecurity & GRC Solutions, Brazil.
Course: CRT-ID
About this mini certification, it is a well structured course, where we can uncover the basics on what is C2 server and how to install it, ways to deploy a C2 infra using OPSec safe methods, especially using redirectors(both on-prem and cloud), payload servers, etc.
Jayaraman M
Software Security Expert, Dstny for Service Providers, Sweden.
Course: CRT-ID
This course does a good job demonstrating how to build OPSEC-safe infrastructures using cloud resources for deployment. It also goes into setting up and executing phishing and initial access operations, scaling infrastructure to meet diverse red team needs, and customizing vital components like Redirectors, Payload Servers, and Command & Control Servers. Highly recommend this course for anyone looking into getting into red teaming or trying to build one from the ground up.
Cory Rondorf
Computer Exploitation Red Team Operator, Booz Allen Hamilton, United States.
Course: CRT-ID
I'm very happy, I learned a lot from the course and the practical exam.
Kelvio Silva
Analista de TI, Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.
Course: CRT-ID
I've recently attended the StealthOps Red Team Training from CyberWarFare Labs. This was mostly a positive experience, looking forward to completing the challenge lab
Daniil Nababkin
Red Team Operator & Penetration Tester, Tenendo, Ukraine.
Course: CSCO
In last few days I was participating in the StealthOps: Red Team training created by CyberWarFare Labs.
Again it was great adventure during which I learnt new interesting techniques which next will be used in the LAB for which I'm also waiting.
Thank you Team for excellent work from your side!
Artur Zielinski
Cybersecurity Advisor, Redigo Cybersecurity, Poland.
Course: CSCO
I had a great experience with this certification and I learned a lot. Cloud security is a domain that we, the KPMG Romania team, saw rising fast in the last years. Being able to perform a security cloud configuration review or a penetration testing against the 3 biggest cloud providers is surely a skill that comes in hand.
Eduard Agavriloae
Principal Offensive Security Engineer, Cyberlogic, South Africa.
Course: CHMRTS
I have to say from the start that was a great experience.I learned multiple new exploitation techniques on each cloud environment and I had the chance to practice them. Most of them were focused on privilege escalation and lateral movement.
I had a great experience with this certification and I learned a lot.I can highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to get into or progress further in cloud pen testing/red teaming.
Chí Cao Hoàng
Cyber Assurance Specialist, CyberDNA, Vietnam.
Course: CHMRTS
Thanks Manish Gupta & CyberWarFare Labs for the great training on Hybrid Multi Cloud Red Team. Many interesting TTPs were explained. Really a must try course, i would recommend. Awaiting for the 30-days lab to get my hands-on training#gcpsecurity
Jayaraman M
Software Security Expert, Dstny for Service Providers, Sweden.
Course: CHMRTS
Really enjoyed the three days of introduction to the big 3 cloud providers AWS, AZURE and GCP. Can't wait to get my hands on the Lab to do my research, perform more advanced attacks and finally archive the certification.
Marvin KindelMarvin Kindel
Platform Security Engineer, TIMOCOM, Germany.
Course: CHMRTS
Just complete the live training session.Gonna try smarter for this journey (and need study buddy as well <3 )Thanks CyberWarFare Labs for the great content
Chí Cao Hoàng
Cyber Assurance Specialist, CyberDNA, Vietnam.
Course: CHMRTS
I really enjoyes the course!
Alot of content, exercises, great lab enviroment and an interesting exam.
Also support is response quickly when needed.

Very recommended!
Ben Zamir
Penetration Tester, Avnet A Rockwell Automation Company, Israel.
Course: CARTS
Thanks CyberWarFare Labs for this course and exam ! During course I learned new TTP’s for Azure,GCP,AWS security testing and took practice with exam!
Arseniy Grib
Senior Security Testing Engineer, EPAM Systems, Kazakhstan.
Course: CHMRTS
I have to say that the course as a whole make students gain a deep knowledge not only about what the main attacks against the most common AWS services are but also about how we, as pentesters. I would say the best approach would be to enroll in the course once you have at least a basic understanding about how AWS works, even if those who enroll in the course don't have previous experience with AWS have time to prepare for exam.
Raquel Gálvez Farfán
Pentester, HISPASEC SISTEMAS S.L., Spain.
Course: CARTS
I am happy to tell you that I have obtained a new certificate.: Certified AWS Cloud Red Team Specialist [CARTS] by CyberWarFare Labs!

It was really interesting and I learned a lot about AWS Pentest.
Said Cortes
Ethical Hacker, Fluid Attacks, Mexico.
Course: CARTS
This weekend I was present at the launch of the second version of the certification of "Purple Team Analyst V2 [CPTA V2]" by CyberWarFare Labs Team a relatively new certification in the market, but that presents a great material and laboratory, touching on offensive and defensive topics such as:
1. Web Exploitation And Detection
2. Network Exploitation And Detection
3. Host Exploitation And Detection
4. AD Exploitation And Detection
Loduynht Buret
Cyber Security Engineer, SES Satellites, France.
Course: CPTA V2
Achieved! Another course and certification that allows reinforcing and consolidating knowledge in cybersecurity.
Thanks to CyberWarFare Labs for this great course and Manish Gupta
Dany Becerra Chávez
DevSecOps Engineer, HydroDigital, LLC, Peru.
Course: CPTA
Thanks for the quick response! I’ve received the results. It’s enjoyable and valuable with the experience from the course and your helpful supports!
Paul Lai
Cyber Security Analyst, I-TRACING, Hong Kong SAR.
Course: CPTA V2
Completed process injection course by CyberWarFare Labs . I admitted that it is not easy to understand how process injection works. I also surprised that there are different types of injections that we apply on different APIs.

Looks like I will spend the whole December on learning about API.
Ahmad Fuad Kamarazaman
Cyber Security Consultant, Vigilant Asia, Malaysia.
Course: CPIA
I strongly recommend the course, some things you will develop

1) Knowledge of Advanced Process Injection Techniques
2) Able to write custom code during post-exploitation phase
3) Able to understand & replicated newer process injection techniques
4) Collect/Build Detection around generated telemetry by different process injection techniques
5) Help refine Windows Host based detection
Chew Zhi Chao
Infra Engineer, NCS Group, Singapore.
Course: CPIA
Explored the intricacies of Credentials (Keys, Tokens, Passwords, Hashes) Usage, and gained insights into the internals of secrets stored in MS Windows Host Endpoints.

Explored the internals of DPAPI, WDigest, LSASS, WiFi, Browser, Registry, Credential Manager, and more, enhancing my understanding of cybersecurity at its core.

Developed awesome reversing skills and learned cutting-edge hacks, thanks to the expert guidance from Cyber Warfare Labs. Ready to apply these skills in real-world scenarios.
Parva Vora
Penetration Tester, CFSS Cyber & Forensics Security Solutions, India.
Course: CRT-COI
Delighted to conclude the year by obtaining the Red Team CredOps Infiltrator certification from CyberWarFare Labs . This concise course proved immensely engaging, delving into topics such as Microsoft's DPAPI, the extraction of credentials from Chrome and Firefox, and various techniques for credential dumping and extraction. The certification exam required a practical demonstration of the knowledge acquired throughout the course. In summary, this was an outstanding minicourse, reaffirming CWL's commitment to delivering exceptional quality relative to its value.
Matei Anthony Josephs
Senior Consultant - Penetration Testing, KPMG, Romania..
Course: CRT-COI
Just completed the amazing Certified Red Team – CredOps Infiltrator course by CyberWarFare Labs ! It was a game-changer, deepening my understanding of DPAPI, browser password extraction, Mimikatz mastery, and Hive analysis. Now I'm equipped to tackle tough credential challenges with confidence.
Chew Zhi Chao
Infra Engineer, NCS Group, Singapor.
Course: CRT-COI
Just completed the amazing Certified Red Team – CredOps Infiltrator course by CyberWarFare Labs ! It was a game-changer, deepening my understanding of DPAPI, browser password extraction, Mimikatz mastery, and Hive analysis. Now I'm equipped to tackle tough credential challenges with confidence.
Chew Zhi Chao
Infra Engineer, NCS Group, Singapor
Course: CRT-COI
I really like the "story" of this lab as it provides more than just a bland network structure. Network pivoting with Linux and Windows! This is such an important skill that is often confusing to people. Learn it, live it, love it! And having three different paths into the network before you reach the final goal was really cool. Even if you have been doing Red Team work for years, the story, the pivoting and the practice alone make this course a *must* take at the current prices.
Michael Bateman
Persistent Cyber Operator, Millennium Corporation, US.
Course: CRTA
This learning journey equipped me with in-depth knowledge about cyber threats, adversarial simulation, and strategies used in both offensive (red teaming) and defensive (blue teaming) cybersecurity practices. I've dived into the complexities of joint operations in simulated lab environments, enhancing my skills in threat detection, adversary simulation, and network security. Throughout the course, I've explored tools like Wireshark, Suricata, and Wazuh ELK SIEM to deploy effective security solutions.
Usama Rajput
Cyber Security Intern, Senselearner Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pakistan.
Course: CPTA V2
I learned more about Purple Teaming, which involves teamwork between the red and blue teams in an organisation. This helped me understand important parts of how Purple Teaming works, like its stages and simulating adversaries along with a sample alert generated on Suricata (IPS) when file inclusion (web attack is performed) and observe the pattern generated on the elastic (SIEM console).
Syed Jurry Abbas
Customer Service Representative, TDN Global, Pakistan.
Course: CPTA V2
Thrilled to enhance my skills in offensive and defensive strategies. Although, It was a fundamental course, many topics and content were quite briefly explained. Grateful for the knowledge gained and ready to dive deeper!
Varshil Desai
SOC Analyst, Atech Cloud, India.
Course: CPTA V2
The experience has deepened my understanding of Purple Teaming concepts and equipped me with practical skills that extend beyond theoretical knowledge. Excited to apply what I have learnt in real-world scenarios!
Peter Zaki
Cyber Threat Hunter/Threat Intelligence Analyst (SOC L2), Central Bank of Egypt, Egypt.
Course: CPTA V2
Traditionally, red teams emulate attackers, while blue teams build walls. But walls crumble, right? That's where I come in!
Just snagged the Purple Teaming Fundamentals certificate from CyberWarFare Labs . Now, I bridge the red-blue divide, wielding both offensive and defensive skills.
The primary goal is to enhance security capabilities by fostering communication and cooperation between the red team (offensive) and blue team (defensive) elements. Bring on the breaches!
Arthur Geo Thomas
Threat analyst, HexaPrime, UAE.
Course: CPTA V2
This course provided a solid foundation in cybersecurity, merging offensive and defensive strategies 💻🔐.
Ready to tackle real-world challenges armed with enhanced threat intelligence and incident response skills. Grateful for the knowledge gained!
Nithish P
Penetration Tester Intern, HackupTechnology, India.
Course: CPTA V2
Hello , thank you for this training, labs and exam materials are really useful.
Grib Arseniy Yurievich
Course: CHMRTS
So, my conclusion is the course is pretty good for begginers, the laboratory is not perfect, I mean, setup a hacking laboratory is not easy, but compared to the others certifications vendors, the cyberwarfare labs has some dirty implementation bugs.In general, the course is a good cost benefit for begginers. Keep in mind to search for support material in alternative sources while you are doing the preparation.
Course: CRTA
This comprehensive program has equipped me with advanced skills in cybersecurity analysis, threat detection, and incident response. I am grateful for the knowledge gained and ready to apply it in real-world scenarios. Thanks to the instructors and the entire Cyberwarfare team for the invaluable learning experience!
Abuhuraira Abubakar
Student, Mauritius.
Course: C3SA
This is a staging enviroment